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Net asset backing of entities in the Arena REIT Group

An Arena REIT stapled security comprises three separate assets for capital gains tax purposes; being a unit in Arena REIT No.1; a unit in Arena REIT No.2 and a share in Arena REIT Limited.

For capital gains tax purposes investors need to apportion the cost of each stapled security and the proceeds of sale of each stapled security between the three separate assets.

The apportionment is based on the relative market value of each asset at the time of acquisition or disposal. One possible method for determining the relative split of market value is the relative net assets of each asset. The table below shows the relative proportions based on the net asset backing of each entity.

This information should only be used for acquisitions and disposals of stapled securities that occurred after the stapling of securities on 18 December 2013. Investors who incurred stapled securities on the date of stapling should refer to their individual tax statement for the year ended 30 June 2014 for information regarding the CGT cost base of stapled securities acquired at the time of stapling.

  Proportion of value
Date Arena REIT No.1 Arena REIT No.2 Arena REIT Limited
30 June 2023 88.1% 10.2% 1.7%
30 June 2022 86.1% 12.1% 1.8%
30 June 2021 84.4% 13.2% 2.4%
30 June 2020 84.2% 13.0% 2.8%
30 June 2019 83.6% 13.4% 3.0%
30 June 2018 84.7% 12.2% 3.1%
30 June 2017 84.1% 12.6% 3.3%
30 June 2016 82.9% 13.1% 4.0%
30 June 2015 83.6% 11.6% 4.8%
9 December 2014 82.1% 12.4% 5.5%
30 June 2014 87.6% 12.4% 0.0%
31 December 2013 88.3% 11.7% 0.0%

Tax Statement Guide

Annual tax statements are generally sent to investors in late August each year. If you require information about a previous tax statement please contact Arena Investor Services on 1800 008 494 or email

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