Arena REIT HY24 Results Presentation

15 February 2024

Arena REIT FY23 Results Presentation

10 August 2023

Arena REIT HY23 Results Presentation

9 February 2023

Arena REIT FY22 Results Presentation

11 August 2022

Arena REIT HY22 Results Presentation

11 February 2022

Arena REIT FY21 Results Presentation

11 August 2021

Arena REIT HY21 Results presentation

12 February 2021

Arena REIT FY20 Results Presentation

13 August 2020

Arena REIT HY20 Results Presentation

13 February 2020

Arena REIT FY19 Results Presentation

13 August 2019

Arena REIT HY19 Results Presentation

19 February 2019

Arena REIT FY18 Results Presentation

21 August 2018

Arena REIT FY18 Interim Results Presentation

22 February 2018

Arena REIT FY17 Annual Results presentation

24 August 2017

Arena REIT Portfolio acquisition and equity raising

28 July 2017

Arena REIT FY17 Interim Results Presentation Teleconference

20 February 2017


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