Arena’s Sustainability Report provides detail on our commitment to strategies that address sustainability challenges faced by Arena and Arena’s stakeholders and identifies opportunities to progress positive change. It outlines goals and targets over the short and medium term for ongoing action and future reporting.

Arena’s portfolio of social infrastructure properties provides direct access to essential community services. Our early learning centres provide early childhood education and care which allows parents and carers the opportunity to remain in, join or re-join the workforce. Arena’s medical centres provide local, community-based primary health care services. Our specialist disability accommodation is designed to provide a better quality of life for residents with high physical support needs.

Given the environmental and social footprint of ourassets, Arena has an opportunity to maximise the impact of our own sustainability initiatives by partnering with our tenants. Accordingly, Arena’s overarching approach to sustainability is to actively seek out ‘Partnerships for Change.’ Our partnership approach delivers mutually beneficial outcomes for our communities, team, tenant partners and ultimately our investors. 

Arena's 2021 Sustainability Report covers Arena’s sustainability initiatives, strategies and performance across our Australian operations for the year ended 30 June 2021. The Global Reporting Initiative Standards, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board framework and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were used to inform the content and scope of the Report.

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders to ensure that we can direct future sustainability initiatives and build upon our disclosures moving forward.