The Arena board of management (the Board) is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Arena, including putting in place the appropriate policies and procedures in order that Arena fulfils its functions effectively and responsibly. The Board recognises the role and importance of corporate governance and ensuring appropriate accountability of the Board and management. The Board more broadly has created a framework for managing entities within the Arena group, including putting in place relevant internal controls and a risk management process.

The Board has adopted a Board Charter which sets out the responsibilities, composition and protocols of the Board. The Board has also adopted a Code of Conduct which sets out the standard of business practices required of Arena’s staff and directors.

Arena conducts its business in accordance with these policies and codes, as well as various other policies and procedures that it has codified in an Operational Procedure Manual. The manual covers all aspects of Arena’s business practices and provides a framework to ensure that Arena’s staff are aware of legal and regulatory requirements, Arena’s internal compliance procedures and current best practice.

Arena’s key policies

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